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luni, 10 ianuarie 2011

dont think im better than anyone, there are more to people than just looks i hate how thats what we get judged on these days. i dont care how many friends you got, how much money you have or how nice your car is. that means nothing to me. i don't like to hold grudges but i tend to do it alot. you respect me i'll respect you. i live life to it's fullest and i make the best out of each day. i try not to let people get me down and out but it's life shit happends. i have an amazing family. my mom, my daddy<3 & my 3 soul sisters : Pisi, Blo & Anca. don`t forget about uncle Mery! (laugh).i love life. i try not to surround myself with people who have alot of drama but i tend to always be caught up in it anyway ugh! but i'm always down for fun times and new friends soo hit me up and get to know me! duh. 


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